Window Films for Retails Stores, Banks & Commercial Buildings in Greater Boston

east cambridge savings bank window filmWhether you are looking to conceal the inner goings on of a conference room or to use your windows as an additional surface to advertise your business and promotions, Window films and graphics can be used to transform a standard piece of glass to an interesting, dynamic focal point for customer’s eyes. Advance Reproductions prints and installs window graphics on a number of substrates that can benefit your company goals.

Why You Should Use Window Films

Window Graphics can be used for any purpose or season and are easily installed and switched out. Whether you are looking to simply display a logo on an entryway or increase awareness of a deal you are offering, the right window films will be available for you. There are several types of window films:

  • Static clings do not have adhesive to help it stick to the window, making it easier to remove upon the end of your desired promotion. Since they do not have sticky adhesive, the graphics are reusable and can stick to glass and tile surfaces throughout your facility. While they will obstruct the view looking in through the window, you will be able to see what is going on outside without a problem.
  • Adhesive Window Film comes in a number of patterns, ideal for privacy. Available perforated, transparent, or translucent, adhesive Window Film is easy to install for temporary or permanent applications.

privacy film on glass conference room wallsWhere Can I Use Window Film?

Window Film can be used on nearly any flat surface, indoors or out. Some recent projects we work on include:

  • Privacy film for glass conference room walls and doors
  • Vehicle wraps and window clings
  • Corporate exterior windows
  • Retail window graphics promoting holiday deals, one-day-only sales, and clearance items
  • Restaurants promoting seasonal deals

Window Film & Graphics Printing & Installation in Boston, Andover, Burlington Woburn, and all of New England

If you are interested in having window graphics installed at your business, Advance Reproductions can be reached by calling 978.685.2911 or by filling out our online contact form.