Museum Graphics & Displays

When curating an exhibit, you want to make sure everything matches up: there’s nothing more disappointing to a visitor than disconnect between the subject matter and the way the display is set up. A great exhibit leaves an impact on the viewer that they will be discussing after their visit is over, allowing them to soak up the information displayed in an interesting, visual manner. By having Advance Reproductions print and install your museum graphics, each of your exhibits will be able to print on long-lasting materials.

Types of Displays that Require Museum-Quality Graphics

ted williams museum graphicsYour exhibits should meet a few different characteristics: it should have interesting museum graphics that create an ambient feel that blend together creating a cohesive display. Whether your exhibit is about the Civil War or the vibrant pop art of the 1950s and 1960s, your museum graphics and information should be able to blend together to create an easily viewable exhibit. Graphics used to display images and information in exhibits include:

  • Mural Wallpaper: did you know that removable wallpaper can be printed and installed with all of your exhibit information? Using a combination of images and text, wallpaper can create an interesting visual experience that doesn’t take up a lot of space, allowing more people to observe the exhibit at once in addition to leaving more room for physical objects that are related to the topic at hand. For example, you can have an item set up in a glass case with necessary information and wallpaper images of the item in use surrounding the case, providing a real-world application in the exhibit.
  • Banners: From wayfinding signs between exhibits to larger displays of information about objects or sets, banners are a common sight in museums. Banners can be vibrant and informative, providing a stimulating visual component of the room while giving the viewer an idea of what’s to come. Banners are available for indoor and outdoor applications, whether part of the exhibit itself or advertising a new or upcoming exhibit to potential visitors.
  • Three-dimensional exhibits: Using a combination of letters and cut-outs, your entire exhibit can be a graphic display. Our company will be able to print and install the different components of your exhibit in order to give your visitors the experience they deserve at your museum.

Museum Graphics & Displays in Boston, Providence, Manchester & Worcester

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