Graphics & Signage for Schools & Universities

Prior to each academic year, it is important to take a look at areas in your facility that can use updating, from worn out desks to peeling paint. An often overlooked area is the quality of signage displayed around the school, from wayfinding signs directing new students and visitors to different parts of the building to room numbers and wide format banners announcing upcoming sporting events.

Advance Reproductions has over 50 years of experience in producing and installing graphics and signage for elementary schools, middle schools, high schools, colleges, and universities.

School signs provide the essential means of communication between the school and its community, parents, students and teachers labeling classrooms, common areas, and administrative offices. 

Your interior or exterior wayfinding signs will help them find their way around campus. Whether your signs will be temporary or permanent, they need to be large and readable along with smaller directional signs.

outdoor wayfinding signs at boston universityDurable, Vibrant Materials for Printing & Display

We work with a variety of materials and will coordinate with you to determine the right ones for your needs. Make a good impression with colorful window graphics for branding and marketing! Our perforated window vinyl allows light to come inside while showing the image on the outside, leaving you with an unobstructed view. 

Our experience includes both long-term and short-term solutions for all of your outdoor and indoor branding and marketing requirements, including:

Large Format Graphic Printing for Colleges & Universities in New England

Our expert staff will readily assist you with all of your technical requirements. Whether you are looking for a banner for an upcoming event or more permanent wayfinding signs for the interior of your building, Advance Reproductions will be able to print and install the graphics you need for the academic year. Advance Reproductions can be reached by emailing, calling 978.685.2911, or by filling out our online contact form.