Floor Graphics

Get Noticed with FLOOR GRAPHICS

no skid floor graphicPromote your upcoming events with no-skid Floor Graphics.

With eye-catching images, they are the perfect solution to call attention to products, promote your brand, and captivate interest. The most effective way to entice new consumers is with visual graphics.  Use Floor Graphics to engage customers, reinforce messages, direct traffic, promote events, and get noticed. Directions can be easily communicated with durable, slip-resistant, reusable floor graphics and way-finding signsThey are perfect for BIG events where you need attention-grabbers for short-term situations or for longer use signage. Floor graphics are highly noticeable and make immediate impact.


Adhesive Floor Graphics for Retail Stores, Events & Promotions

Are you looking for a new way to promote your business to current customers, or advertise to people casually perusing your store? Installing vibrant floor graphics can help pass your message along to anyone looking down and provides you with additional marketing space! Floor graphics are applied using significant pressure, making them durable and safe to walk on, regardless of the surface. Once your graphics are installed on your floor, an OSHA-approved covering will be applied to prevent slips to keep your customers safe.

outdoor floor graphicBenefits of Floor Graphics for Your Business

Whether you are advertising outside, in your store or on a carpeted surface, we have the right floor graphics for you! Our installation process allows them to be applied on nearly any type of surface, giving you the freedom to give deals outside of your storefront or inside the convention center. Floor graphics don’t require the addition of posters or adding more space to your location, maximizing the space in your store to its fullest extent. Their versatility makes them an ideal strategy for your business. Common applications include:

  • Events. Are you planning on exhibiting at an upcoming trade show? Floor graphics can help attract attendees to your booth. Whether you’re trying to get attention across the convention center or right outside your area, floor graphics provide additional space and square footage to get your brand out there.
  • Promotions. Are you trying to figure out how to advertise a sale on turkeys before Thanksgiving at your grocery store? Patrons are likely to glance down at the floor while navigating their carts around corners and through crowded aisles. A simple but vibrant floor graphic will be able to alert customers to the deal while directing them to the correct aisle.
  • Outdoor Fairs & Races. From the finish line at a marathon to lane markers at an outdoor flea market or craft show, floor graphics can be applied to asphalt surfaces to give directions, mark lanes and let customers know about big-ticket items.

Floor Graphic Printing & Installation Across New England

If you are interested in getting floor graphics for an upcoming promotion or event, contact Advance Reproductions today! We will work with you to determine the best substrate to use on your surface and ensure they are installed safely and correctly. Advance Reproductions can be reached by calling 978.685.2911 or by filling out our online contact form.