Environmentally Friendly Large Format Graphics in Massachusetts

As more information about harm done to the environment is coming in, your company may begin to consider ways to cut down on pollution and waste. One way to become more environmentally friendly as a business is to make the switch to different types of graphics using greener inks and materials. Advance Reproductions has several printers on-site that utilize newer eco-friendly inks reducing harmful VOC gas. These inks provide the same quality of product that can be displayed in indoor and outdoor settings.

What Makes Graphics Environmentally Friendly?

Many types of graphics are printed on materials that are no longer able to be recycled due to the types of inks used to create the images. At Advance Reproductions our environmentally friendly graphics are printed with water-based ink, bio-solvent, and UV ink. While these have always been able to be used for durable, long-lasting indoor applications such as wall decals, window graphics and vinyl banners, the inks have now been perfected for outdoor use, able to be in the sun for months without fading.

How Your Brand Can Benefit from Green Large Format Graphics

Your brand can see many benefits from switching to green printing. In addition to being more conscious of the environment, your company will be able to distribute sustainability notices to your customers focusing on reducing your impact and encouraging them to recycle their products once its lifespan has been met. Switching to green products can also save money in the long run: green products can last longer and be reused many times before recycling. Environmentally friendly large format graphics can be used in a number of different applications, from banners at an event or trade show, to posters hanging along the halls of your office to wayfinding signs across the building to help direct visitors where to go.

Environmentally Friendly Large Format Graphics in Boston

If you are interested in having new, green large format graphics printed for your business, contact Advance Reproductions today. We will be able to work with you to create vibrant, durable graphics using environmentally friendly inks and materials that can be easily recycled. Advance Reproductions can be reached by emailing getinfo@advancereprodi.com, calling 978.685.2911, or by filling out our online contact form.