3-d cut logoAdd a three-dimensional pop to your office walls with cut letters and logos. Available in a variety of materials with a combination of colors – your walls will come alive with shadows and depth.

Common Materials for 3D Cuts Logos

There are many materials that can be printed and cut to form any 3D shape or size to fit into your space and fill your needs. The most popular materials include:


A durable material that can provide instant recognition, metal looks elegant against walls and can be painted to match any aesthetic. A variety of glosses and patina are available for metal signs, including stainless steel, copper and titanium.


Plastic is more durable for outdoor signs, withstanding pressure from wind, rain and New England snow throughout the year. Placed against a wall or surface, plastic letters can easily match the elegance and appearance of more expensive metal letters while lasting a longer period of time without fading.

3-d cut logo signWood

One of the most common substrates used to create 3D letters and logos is wood. Wood is sturdy and ideal for indoor use. Using a router, we can cut wood to the exact thickness needed for your sign to stand out.


Foam letters are easily customizable to match your corporate branding and aesthetic. To make your foam letters sturdier, you can have them mounted on wood, metal or plastic for a more finished look.

How Can I Use 3D Cut Letters & Logos?

3D cut letters and logos can be used in a variety of ways to promote your business. From a larger display for an on-stage event or a centerpiece for your reception area, three-dimensional letters and shapes can add branding and grab the attention of any visitor or potential customer.

3D Cut Letters Printing & Installation in Boston, Cambridge & Waltham MA

If you are interested in having 3D cut letters installed in your office, contact Advance Reproductions today. We will work with you to determine the best material for your needs and provide installation services in your office or retail location. Advance Reproductions can be reached by calling 978.685.2911, emailing mailto:getinfo@advancerepro.com or by filling out our online contact form