Types of Wayfinding Signs

Wayfinding Signs guide you to where you need to go throughout the day, whether you are in an airport, library, or wandering around town. Wayfinding signs contain text or visuals that direct people to their destination effectively and efficiently. There are four main subgroups of wayfinding signs:

Informational Wayfinding Signs

Have you been somewhere recently with a protected Wi-Fi network or driven around a parking lot with designated handicapped spots? Wayfinding Signs provide this information and can be used anywhere to convey any type of message, from passwords to heightened caution and room availability.

Identification Wayfinding Signs

These signs do not provide directions, rather they show you exactly where you are located in a building.  Identification signs can be used to point out bathrooms, room numbers, and landmarks across your campus. Identification signs can also include clearly drawn out maps, often including a “You are here” designation to help the reader. Wayfinding Signs posted at exits are also included as identification signs.  

Directional Wayfinding Signs

The most common type of wayfinding sign displays directions to key areas in your facility or around your campus. Directional signs can help visitors find your reception area or an elevator lobby. If your campus has multiple buildings, directional signs can be posted along driveways to indicate where each building is, as well as parking.

Regulatory Wayfinding Signs

Some areas of your building may have specific requirements for entry or speed limits for driving around campus. Regulatory signs display these rules clearly and noticeably for those around the area. These signs include off-limits signs, smoking area signs, equipment and clothing reminders, and safety warnings.

Wayfinding Sign Printing in Boston, Woburn, Burlington & North Andover, MA

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