Types of Signs Needed in Your Academic Building

As summer continues, you’ll need to make preparations to make sure your facility is ready for the upcoming academic year. Between improving electronics and bringing in new desks and workstations, you may neglect some of the subtler adjustments that can be made to make things run smoothly. One of the biggest changes you can make is installing new signs in each building and across campus to improve the experience of students and visitors. Here are the types of signs you should consider adding to your school before the semester begins.

Classroom Numbers

Without signage indicating room numbers, your students will not be able to distinguish one classroom from another. A form of code, whether numbers or letters, is necessary to make sure everyone knows where to go. The can be printed in raised and Braille text in order to accommodate students who are visually impaired.

Wayfinding Signs

Your school probably has a constant stream of visitors who may be unfamiliar with the layout of your campus, from prospective students to visiting staff members. In the first weeks of the semester, there will also be freshmen and transfer students making their way between classes, activities and the student center. Wayfinding signs will make your campus easy to navigate and add a crisp, orderly layer to your pathways and quad. Durable signs can be printed for outdoor use, able to withstand heavy winds, rain and snow for several years before you’ll require replacement.

Department Signs

In addition to keeping each building clearly marked, having the departments housed in each will need distinguishing for staff and students alike. In the entryway of each building and floor, signs can be installed to clearly indicate which department is in the building, as well as office and classroom numbers.

Promotional Signs

Events will be occurring on campus throughout the year and will require different types and amounts of publicity to encourage turnout. If you have several mainstay events occurring annually, it would be an efficient and cost-effective strategy to create banners with relevant information to let people know that it is coming up, from a start-of-the-semester cookout to a group hike.

Academic Sign Design, Printing & Installation in Boston, Cambridge, Andover & Lowell, MA

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