Why Right Now is the Best Time for New Academic Signs

If you are working on an academic campus this summer, chances are you will be able to see some of the changes taken to improve facilities, from the installation of new vending machines in dorms to constructing an on-campus café. Summertime is also the best time to spruce up some of the visual details of your campus, such as wayfinding and building signs. Between special events and conferences during the summer to getting ready for new arrivals in the fall, new signs can have tremendous benefits for your college:

Make Your Campus Easily Navigable

As the summer goes on, prospective students will be making their way to campus, touring the grounds to see if your institution is a place they could picture themselves. Clear directional signs pointing out the main features of the campus, such as academic buildings, the library and cafeteria can help give the school a feeling of home. New signs can also make moving around the grounds easier, leading to less confusion to guests.

Enhancing Key Features

Scattered around your campus are key landmarks that make up your school’s history, from artwork to class gifts. Brand new signs allow people to learn the history of campus firsthand in a professional manner. Graphics will be able to call attention to architectural details of your buildings that may not be immediately noticeable. With new signage on campus, you can also take the opportunity to refresh your university’s brochures for a new academic year. This is the perfect opportunity to point out your campus’ amenities and changes that make your school stand out from competitors.

Campus Signs & Graphics Printing in Boston, Cambridge & Waltham, MA

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