What’s the Difference Between Eco-Solvent, UV-Cured & Latex Inks?

When it comes to printing your wide-format graphics, you want to make sure the finished product comes out perfectly for your store, event or trade show. There are several types of ink used on different materials for commercial use, and each can provide your graphics with a different appearance.

Eco-Solvent Ink

Eco-solvent ink, also known as light-solvent ink, takes longer to dry, which entails less maintenance for the printer itself. The ink is able to print on a variety of uncoated surfaces and maintain its bright colors. Once printed, the ink will be waterproof and resistant to scratches. Your graphic will last up to three years before the color begins to fade. When using eco-solvent ink, there will be a wide range of colors available. In addition to standard CMYK (cyan, magenta, yellow and black) inks, you may have the additional option of adding green, white, violet, orange, light magenta, light black and light cyan. Depending on your printer, you may have the opportunity to print in metallic shades. If you print on vinyl, your graphic will require a layer of white ink in order to keep your graphic visible in front of a direct light source. Eco-solvent ink is best for trade show graphics, window hangings, banners and vinyl graphics.

UV-Curable Ink

UV ink dries quickly when exposed to UV radiation from LED lights during the printing process, quickly drying into an ink film. The ink prints well on vinyl and is not recommended for stretched materials due to its tendency to band colors. UV ink prints quickly, which may lead to slight color distortion. Less ink is used to print graphics, making it a more economical choice. The biggest benefit of printing with UV-curable ink is the ability to print directly onto firm surfaces.  When a coat of primer is applied to the surface, UV ink can last several years. UV-curable ink is best for printing on glass, wood and metal boards, banners, fabric and vinyl. The CMYK process is used to print with UV-Curable ink.

Latex Ink

Latex ink is water-based, curing immediately upon printing and ready for lamination. It stretches well compared to other inks, adding to its popularity for vehicle graphics and films. The color may be affected by excess heat. Latex ink is commonly used on paper, banners and vinyl hangings.

Wide Format Graphics Printing in Boston

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